8 years experience in developing great looking, optimised native iOS apps in Objective-C & Swift. Deep understanding of high level frameworks like CocoaTouch, for quickly creating proof of concept application as well as low level frameworks like AVFoundation, CoreLocation, QuartzCore, etc. for creating complex, feature rich iOS Applications.

During this time, created dozens of iOS applications, from mobile games, navigation, travel planning, food ordering, niche social media, video editing & real estate apps.


Fully customizable, dynamic animations to spice up your UI presentation. Whether you have an iOS or Web Application, I can design and code, using technologies like QuartzCore on iOS or HTML5 Canvas on the web, custom, animated elements for your UI: intros, buttons, popups, dialogs, sliders, animated backgrounds, etc..

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Set electron speed

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Voyagenius Labs boat animation

Having made a few iOS mobile games, I can also create and incorporate custom, frame by frame (sprite) animations into regular apps. Although more time consuming to create than parametric animations, they can give the extra touch of polish. A great place could be for a custom loading indicator or animated interactive characters.

"Glassy" character from Eco Mania iOS Game


Beautifully designed user interfaces and carefully crafted user experiences. Being a technical artist at heart, I understand the posibilities and limitations of the platform and I design the entire user experience with that in mind. A good design doesn't have to be just beautifull to the eye, it has to facilitate the conversation between the user and the application.


Seby Moisei: full-stack Swift developer | designer | animator

Hello, my name is Seby Moisei and I am a passionate freelance Swift developer based in Constanta, Romania. I have 8 years experience in developing beautiful apps for Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, iWatch and MacOS. I sometimes make HTML5 websites & web applications using technologies like: HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS & MySQL.

My area of expertise & passion is in custom, dynamic UI/UX and animations. I cover the full-stack development process: designing the UI/UX in the Sketch App, programming the app in XCode using Swift, setting up a Linux server for the backend services and collective intelligence, program the APIs in PHP or Swift and deliver the polished app at the end.

Creator of the Waypoint - Never Lose Your Way Again, a featured TOP 10 iOS Navigation Apps in 38 countries.

I also delve in Python, C & Machine Learning.

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